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CLIC Risk Retention Group, Inc. has received its Certificate of Authority and will commence operations shortly. 

We are just getting started and in the coming weeks will have exciting news to bring you about liability insurance coverages that we can offer. Check in periodically for news releases and updates on our progress.

In the meantime, please send us a message with your contact information and we'll get back to you.


  Who We Are and What We Do

CLIC Risk Retention Group, Inc. (“CLICRRG”) is a private insurance company owned by and operated solely for the benefit of participants in the legalized cannabis industry. You are not just a customer. You are an owner. 

We serve businesses and individuals involved in the sale, manufacture, cultivation, transportation, and testing of legalized cannabis-based products.

The cannabis industry is becoming a professional business led by experienced executives who want it to be a safe, responsible and well-regulated industry. The need for high-quality liability insurance to protect valuable consumer brands is vital to these buyers.

The operations of the company are supervised by a board of directors controlled by policyholders. 


Why We Exist

The cannabis industry has problems getting high-quality liability insurance from traditional markets. Very few insurance companies offer coverage; none are specialists; and none are owned by the policyholders. Premiums are high, while coverage is restrictive and inconsistent. To address this, we have committed to the following principles.

  1. CLICRRG will provide a stable, at-cost market that creates long-term value for the owner-insureds of the company.
  2. CLICRRG will be managed in a way that ensures financial security and fair pricing over time.
  3. CLICRRG will aggressively defend good industry practices against meritless claims and lawsuits. We will also offer fair and timely compensation to third parties who are injured by our insureds’ products and services.
  4. CLICRRG will be selective in our underwriting. We will only insure those policyholders that are committed to the highest standards of safety and have the best loss experience.
  5. CLICRRG will return profits to owner-insureds in the form of dividends. If approved by the Division of Insurance and the CLICRRG Board of Directors, shareholders will receive dividends in proportion to their capital contributions.  


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